Tesla announced that its vehicles would now feature 48-volt electric systems during today's "Investor Day" event.

 As you are no doubt aware, 12-volt electric systems have been employed in automobiles since the 1950s.

So why is it necessary for automobiles to have 48-volt systems, and will the whole auto industry make the switch?

To begin with, let's clarify that Tesla isn't the first carmaker to transition to 48 volts.

With their mild-hybrid systems, several manufacturers use 48-volt systems. 48-volt systems increase power in mild hybrids

Yet the fact that manufacturing titans like Tesla are switching to 12-volt power for their electric vehicles puts

The first step was Tesla switching to 12-volt Li-ion batteries in 2021. Yet the batteries' juice runs out rather quickly.

 That's because, similar to a 12-volt alternator, the battery recharges more quickly the further the automobile travels.