The much-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck has been a contentious subject in recent times.

But, our render wizard Rostislav Prokop has converted the Cybertruck into a lovable electric pickup.

Enter the exclusive Tesla Cybertruck 6X6 Concept from HotCars. It takes the oddball Tesla and turns it up to 11!

The Tesla Truck was significantly influenced by future vehicles seen in films, notably the flying cars in Ridley

 Elon Musk has mentioned that the Lotus Espirit from James Bond's The Spy Who Loved Me inspired his Cybertruck.

Prokop has preserved all of Cybertruck's design heritage while adding more visual muscle with an additional axle and 1000+

Our Cybertruck idea receives a strengthened external facelift, complete with a unique bull guard that

The Cybertruck design is also modified to be more traditional. Yet the towing capability of this 6X6 Tesla outclasses