The Lucid Air is an electric vehicle that can go 520 kilometres on a single charge and has over 800 horsepower.

The ridiculous figures don't end there since another model can go even farther, and then there's another model with 1,111 HP.

These absurd figures are one of the main reasons Lucid Air has already been crowned Vehicle of the Year in several magazines

The most notable aspect about Lucid is that its CEO/CTO is a guy named Peter Rawlinson

The man certainly knows a thing or two about creating lightning-fast electric vehicles.

The design of the Lucid Air appears futuristic because there are so many advancements going on

 In terms of statistics, the front end of the Lucid Air is the most efficient front end in car history,

Microlens headlights are used in a lightbar array. They are extraordinarily bright and strong despite their little size.