Tesla had an early edge in terms of battery technology, charging infrastructure, and popularity because

Competitor manufacturers, though, aren't taking any chances.

Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and VW, all German automakers, are competing in the EV market.

The far east also appears to be promising. Korean and Chinese automakers are experimenting with novel EV designs

In terms of EVs, VW comes in a respectable second place to Tesla among well-known automakers.

Elon Musk argues that the Chinese manufacturers are more likely to surpass Tesla or come in second place.

Musk said that China's competitors "work hardest and sharpest" in a Reuters story.

As other brands begin to gain momentum in the EV market, Tesla's first-mover advantage is eroding.

According to CNBC, manufacturers that offer more cheap models pose a serious threat to Tesla's market dominance.

According to the journal, Tesla's market share of newly registered electric vehicles