Think again if you assume that only Elon Musk can create trouble at Tesla. While the world has been obsessed

 the "Twitter files" and the most recent poll asking Twitter users if Musk should stand down as CEO,

A truck driver has disclosed severe concerns with the new long-haul electric Tesla Semi, calling it a "dumb vehicle."

"I am watching a movie clip about @elonmusk's Tesla Semi - recall, the vehicle that was to transform the transport

 sector when it entered [was previewed to] the market four years ago," wrote Tomasz Oryski,

"I'm going to tell you why [Tesla's Semi] is a terrible car," he said.

Several Twitter users backed the seasoned truck driver when he highlighted the Tesla Semi's flaws.

 Tesla failed poorly because it did not include workers who spent the most of their life in truck cabs in its research and development phase.