You understand the buzz and have your sights set on buying a Tesla, but first you want to know how much a lease will cost.

You shouldn't hurry into anything, so that's a fair question.

 In 2022, a Tesla lease provides advantages, but the real question is whether those advantages are appropriate for you.

To help you determine if a 2022 Tesla lease is the best choice for you, we've broken down

No matter if you want to lease, buy brand-new, or buy a used EV, only you can determine which Tesla model is ideal for you.

While there are still two more Tesla vehicles in development (the Cybertruck and second-generation

You've already done your research and compared all the pricing for these EVs, is I correct?

If not, you may catch up by looking at our 2022 Tesla pricing guide.

Then, you may compare those costs to the Tesla lease pricing for 2022 to make a better informed choice

While the majority of US states currently permit Tesla leasing, not all have followed suit, and several of these states