Although Lucid had a difficult beginning in the EV industry, it doesn't really matter.

We anticipate the Lucid Gravity to use similarly ridiculous amounts of electricity as the Lucid Air.

Lucid has announced intentions to launch the Lucid Gravity Electric SUV in 2024 after a number of setbacks.

The Lucid Air produces 1200+ horsepower in its Air Sapphire level and 480 horsepower in its basic trim.

And we anticipate Lucid Gravity to follow a similar structure, which is very fascinating.

The Lucid Gravity will be a large, powerful SUV with plenty of power to compete on the racetrack.

Naturally, there have been some hiccups in getting Lucid back on track. With objectives as lofty as Lucid's,

Even if it may seem like a lofty ideal, your automobile should not only be the most beautiful in the entire