The Mk4 Supra comes to mind when someone thinks of speed behind a Toyota label.

In the 1990s and far into the 2000s, the legendary Japanese sports vehicle ruled the streets

 A standard Mk4 Supra competes in an intriguing drag race on Carwow on the quarter-mile strip.

Ben Collins, a former Stig from Top Gear, is the driver, an experienced racing car driver befitting a veteran sports car.

The car in the video has less power than most Mk4s with over 1000 hp, but its specifications are superior

The new 2023 Toyota GR86, which has an MSRP that starts at $28,400 (about half of what the previous

Before the two sports coupes begin to compete against one another, a few dull numbers would be helpful.

 The Mk4 Supra outperforms the current model in terms of sheer performance.