An insane group of people decided to convert a Tesla Model 3 into a 6-ton electric off-road vehicle

In the coming decades, all ground transportation vehicles, including off-road vehicles

Although electrifying it is not a top priority, it is gradually gaining some electric possibilities.

But, some people can't wait and want to create some on their own utilising electric vehicles that are already on the road.

Tesla automobiles have been well-liked for those modifications due to their strong electric powertrains and popularity.

The Model 3 has been transformed into the ideal off-road car by Tesla customers installing snow

 but none of those modifications come close to what these German YouTubers done with this Model 3.

The electric vehicle was transformed into a massive 6-ton electric tank by adding enormous tank tracks:

The majority of the four weeks they needed to construct the vehicle was used to construct the enormous tracks

The outcome is unquestionably stunning; you now have a Model 3 with 80 cm (31′′) of ground clearance