Investors are becoming more and more concerned about Tesla's performance, but given the underwhelming

 In contrast to the 358,000 units experts had projected, Elon Musk's firm delivered

 According to Bloomberg, the EV business also had the lowest performance inside the S&P 500 Index

And to make matters worse, California, a market long dominated by Tesla, is losing interest in the EV manufacturer.

Tesla was the second-highest selling vehicle brand in California for the first half of the year.

 In California, Musk's business sold a staggering 90,895 automobiles, while Toyota earned the top spot with 152,838 sales.

In addition, CleanTechnica notes that during the first half of 2022, the Tesla Model Y outsold the Tesla Model 3

There are indications, though, that Tesla's hegemony in California may be waning.