Everyone and their mother desires to possess a Tesla! After all, they're all the rage these days.

 In big metropolitan areas like as Los Angeles and Dallas, Teslas are as prevalent as the pedestrian Toyota Camry.

 As they are regarded, they are a status symbol, a beacon of money and environmental conscience,

That may not be the case, since Teslas have a slew of hidden expenditures that you may not have considered in terms of charging,

The Model Y is Tesla's cheapest inexpensive vehicle, and it has swiftly become the company's quickest and most popular

The 2022 Tesla Model Y, which starts at $53,490 before federal tax credits and a goodie bag of rebates,

has swiftly become a mainstay of modern suburban culture. Beneath that curvy-shaped frame are some secrets

The Model Y is a popular and sought-after EV, but that doesn't mean it doesn't come with some financial stumbling blocks.