Some of the most specialist road vehicles for tackling curves are made by Lotus.

The distinctive British brand produces a large number of ultra-light vehicles with powerful yet affordable engines.

Lotus uses smaller V6s and four-cylinder engines instead of the V12s and V8s seen in many high-performance vehicles.

Their most recent model is the 2023 Emira, which comes with either a Mercedes-Benz turbocharged

A film on the 2023 Lotus Emira that presenter James has placed a deposit on for the YouTube channel

Throttle House, was just published. With its exotic aesthetics and six-speed manual transmission, the vehicle should be a lot of fun.

Thomas and James start by examining the precise specification for which the deposit is intended.

James has chosen the supercharged V6 engine, which was originally a Toyota Camry engine before a Lotus supercharger was fitted.