The much-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck is now getting close to manufacturing, which is causing

Since the Cybertruck's debut in 2019, there has been so much talk about it that most people are shocked

Elon Musk, the CEO and public face of Tesla, is currently making headlines for another reason

he finally closed the deal to acquire Twitter. Also, he now refers to himself on Twitter as "Chief Twit" for this reason.

In the meanwhile, Tesla has a plethora of intriguing items in the works, including as the Optimus robot,

Yet, there is positive news regarding Cybertruck before we venture into the Transformers universe and speculate

Consumer interest is still at an all-time high in this EV since it is said to have the utility of a pick-up

the speed of a racing car, and an appearance that is far more futuristic than a road vehicle.