Online, there is a wealth of information on Tesla owners. Jerry, for instance, emphasised that,

 in contrast to the 49 percent of drivers of all other types of vehicles, 83 percent of Tesla drivers were men.

 Also, we found that a majority of Tesla drivers, or 70%, are under the age of 34.

 It goes without saying that these drivers also have more money to spend

 The typical family income of a Tesla Model X owner increased from $143,177 a few years ago to $146,623

In contrast, in 2022 the yearly family income of a Tesla Model S owner rose to $151,096.

We can estimate customer requirements and wants and make wise business decisions using demographic data.

These statistics enable Tesla to understand that these young, affluent customers are more demanding

Tesla must thus devise creative strategies to engage these customers and customise the experience.

We've already witnessed it with the shift to video games and the incorporation of Steam in new Model S