The Genesis G80 product and its electric version, aptly termed the Electrified, cannot be distinguished at first glance. 

 first-ever all-electric vehicle, the Genesis, may have a lame name, but the electric vehicle is anything but.

While the battery takes up some of the inside room, cabin, and storage, it looks and drives very identically

We have high expectations for the gasoline-powered Genesis G80 since it consistently receives five-star ratings

 but the Electrified G80 has not yet received such a rating.

As of right now, only 12 of the country's 50 states—Arizona, California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts,

For those who are a little tired of the sameness of the SUVs and crossovers around,

the Genesis Electrified G80 makes for a really cool luxury family car. Hopefully, sales will soon spread abroad.