It's electric, it's quick, and it's stylish, but it's not a Tesla. Introducing the totally electric Genesis GV60

a Korean luxury SUV that competes with models like the Tesla Model Y Performance, Ford Mach-E GT,

The GV60 Performance, which shares a chassis with the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6, has 483 horsepower

In order to put things into perspective, it is much quicker than an Aston Martin DBX while being just 3 hp 

It's true that the GV60 may not come to mind when looking for an electric SUV. 

But after watching how the Korean EV compares to the competition in Hagerty's silent, electric drag race,

You also get to see how the GV60 compares to a Chevrolet Corvette as an extra treat.

In the first race, the Mach-E GT and the BMW iX 50 face off against the GV60 Performance across a 1/4-mile