The addition of the steering yoke to Tesla's higher-end luxury cars, the Model S and the Model X

 In 2021, these two models did away with the steering wheel and added a steering yoke design

in theory, a sportier and more comfortable feel. The actual exercise, meanwhile, did not go as planned.

The steering yoke was the subject of several complaints from customers, ranging from it just being difficult

Good goodness Tesla listened to consumer complaints because today, on two of Tesla's most distinguished vehicles

 What specifically went wrong with Tesla's peculiar steering option, though?

The steering wheel is not shaped like a steering yoke. The yoke often has a "u" form, whereas the steering

This results in extremely diverse sensations while spinning the wheel and yoke.

What's wrong with steering yokes? Since you've probably seen designs similar to Tesla's in racing vehicles

There is extensive usage of this steering control scheme in aeroplanes, particularly in passenger aircraft.