Build Quality Issues: Tesla vehicles have a reputation for having issues with their build quality, including misaligned panels,

Service and Maintenance: Tesla's service and maintenance can be difficult and expensive due to limited availability of parts

Battery Degradation: Like all lithium-ion batteries, Tesla's batteries degrade over time, resulting in reduced range

Range Anxiety: Tesla's electric vehicles have a limited range, which can lead to "range anxiety"

Supercharger Crowding: Tesla's Supercharger network can become overcrowded, leading to long wait times for charging.

Autopilot Limitations: While Tesla's Autopilot system is impressive, it still has limitations and requires drivers to remain

Price: Tesla vehicles are expensive compared to traditional gas-powered cars, making them inaccessible to many consumers.

Battery Fire Risk: There have been several reports of Tesla batteries catching fire, which can be a safety concern

Quality Control Issues: Tesla has faced criticism for its quality control issues, including problems with its Model 3

Lack of Traditional Dealerships: Tesla's direct-to-consumer sales model means that there are no traditional dealerships