In the whole car sector, Tesla consumers are among the most happy.

The Model 3 has taken the top rank for all automobiles worldwide,

according to a list of the auto industry's most happy consumers, which was topped by Tesla.

In order to create a worldwide owner satisfaction tracker, Zutobi published a study that tracked four separate automobile

owner rating surveys from Parkers, HonestJohn, Autotrader, and Edmunds.

With an average rating of 4.53, Tesla has received the greatest average ratings out of all the brands on our list.

Tesla is an American automaker that specialises in the development and production of electric automobiles

Its popularity has soared in recent years.

The top-rated vehicle on our list is Tesla's Model 3, which had an average rating of 4.53 among the four publications

So, it is evident why the Model 3 is one of the greatest electric vehicles on the market today and Tesla's best-selling vehicle.