The availability of over-the-air upgrades is one of the nicest features of owning a Tesla car.

 The "OTAs" Tesla delivers to your car wirelessly are software upgrades. Tesla owners refer to them as such.

Tesla car will occasionally have software upgrades, exactly like the ones you download to your smartphone.

 Tesla users don't have to pay for the over-the-air upgrades since they are "remotely transmitted via a cloud-based

 According to Tesla, these upgrades are intended to make your car better over time.

Some of the enhancements can, however, be purchased. These modifications often include extra enhancements

Software over-the-air (SOTA) and firmware over-the-air (FOTA) updates are the two forms of over-the-air upgrades.

 Software-related upgrades, such as infotainment and navigation controls, and the electronic processing system