Tesla has finally begun to provide non-Tesla electric vehicle owners in the US with access to certain Supercharger

While it has taken a while, we were aware that the moment had finally arrived when we noticed

Tesla beginning to install the "Magic Dock" at several Supercharger stations in recent days.

The carmaker had not yet formally opened up the stations through the app and begun onboarding

, even though those stations were now outfitted with the integrated CCS adaptor to operate with non-Tesla EVs.

The app is used for everything, as we previously stated. Non-Tesla EV owners just need to download the Tesla app

add a credit card to make payments before they may pull up to some of the limited number of Supercharger stations

Because the station must communicate with the car through the app rather than directly,

Tesla does advise that it may take up to two minutes to charge, which is longer than with a Tesla vehicle.

The company created a brief film to demonstrate how to utilise the Supercharger network to non-Tesla EV owners: