The Toyota Camry's 28-year reign as Australia's best-selling vehicle has come to an end

thanks to the Tesla Model 3, which even prompted a brief response from Toyota.

The Camry has dominated the Australian mid-size vehicle market for the past 28 years.

Tesla eclipsed the Camry, which had 9,538 units delivered last year, by delivering 1,806 Model 3 vehicles

bringing the total to 10,877 in 2022. It was on track to last 29 years.

The Tesla Model 3 became Australia's new top-selling mid-size vehicle as a result. Such distinction

Toyota seems to have been caught off guard by the adjustment since it continued to claim the Camry

 its control of the Australian auto industry but had to include a mention of vehicles under $60,000:

If Toyota intends to continue publishing these lists in its yearly press releases, it will need to produce

The Japanese manufacturer has been lagging behind in the all-electric vehicle market because it placed