Tesla is used to creating electric vehicles quickly, but it appears that VW is struggling to keep up with the EV manufacturer.

officer of Volkswagen AG, addressed a group of employees in Germany earlier this week in an effort to spur change.

Diess reportedly addressed a group of workers at a German company this week, according to a recent Bloomberg piece.

Tesla is presently making good progress at its adjacent Gruenheide facility south of Berlin and is on track to meet its objective

The main VW facility in Zwickau now needs 30 hours per car. By the next year, Diess wants to cut it to 20 hours per car.

"I frequently get asked why I keep equating ourselves with Tesla; I am aware that it irritates certain people.

entire management to accurately appraise the competition, to get the team ready for it, and to make it future-proof, added Diess.

Diess expressed his worry about the meeting's location, the Wolfsburg facility. "Sure, Wolfsburg concerns me.