The Apple Vehicle is perhaps both the company's worst and best-kept secret.

Since 2015, there have been several renderings of what the Apple iCar will look like as well as rumours t

Lastly, it appears that a limited rollout of Apple's automobile, code-named Project Titan, is planned for 2024.

Even still, a 2026 release date for the Apple Vehicle seems more likely.

A 3D visualizer named Timothy Adry Emmanuel created this rendering of the Apple Car especially for HotCars

 It incorporates what we now know about the Apple Vehicle into a sleek, industrial style that could

Given that the majority of Apple's goods, like the iPhone, iPad, and M2 Macbooks, are at the high end of the market,

Even if we lack hard data on which to make an estimation of the price of an Apple iCar, it's reasonable to assume