As a brand, Tesla has seen ups and downs. In cold weather, their vehicles have experienced problems

 with the FSD as well as with the steering yoke on the Model X and Model S.

The Model 3 is still more cheap than their premium vehicles, but safety and the driving experience

 just as they did when they decided to make the steering yoke optional, they are adhering to their original concept.

In every single one of its crash testing, Tesla has consistently achieved outstanding safety scores for all of its model ranges.

 Its vehicles frequently obtain Top Safety Pick Plus designations from the IIHS and top ratings across the board.

Although not being the company's premium vehicle, the Tesla Model 3 is a potent automobile

The base, long-range, and performance trims are the three that Tesla presently provides for the Model 3.

They are designed to meet various demands, as their names suggest (the buyers will be the judge

The Model 3 Performance is a great option if you want sheer power and acceleration.