Before a supposed update due early next year, a new Tesla Model 3 prototype with camouflage

There have been speculations throughout the last week that Tesla is developing a new Model 3

According to rumours, the project's codename is "Highland."

Since a few years ago, Tesla has been incorporating its big casting technology into the Model Y,

replacing hundreds of individual parts with a single large casting component.

With the Model Y compared to the Model 3, Tesla has been able to significantly increase production efficiency

Juergen Musk, CEO of Tesla, stated that the same technology will ultimately make its way to the Model 3,

The issue is that a temporary production slowdown from such a Model 3 upgrade would be unaffordable

 for Tesla while it was still ramping up Model Y manufacturing.

But now that Model Y manufacturing is beginning to surpass that of the Model 3, it could be a smart idea for Tesla