According to a rumour from China, starting this weekend, Tesla will partially shut down several manufacturing

We first heard speculations about Tesla working on a new Model 3 late in 2018 and that it will arrive

But since then, there have been signs that Tesla is getting ready to introduce the updated Model 3.

We've noted during the last few years that Tesla initially introduced upgrades to its cars in China,

Now, according to Bloomberg, Tesla intends to partially shut down the production for upgrades:

The manufacturing lines for the Model 3 are expected to be notably impacted by the disruption,

This might indicate that Tesla is almost ready to move to the new Model 3 model.

While prototypes have been seen with thick camouflage on the front and back, suggesting a small design update

 most of the upgrades are anticipated to be at the body level and not always apparent.

The upgrades may result in weight reduction and increased efficiency, but the production process