A month into the test programme, a third Tesla Model 3 release candidate was detected.

All of the prototypes were spotted in California's Bay Area, primarily close to Tesla's Palo Alto headquarters.

A release candidate has now been seen for the first time outside of California.

A black Model 3 release candidate was discovered by Bradly D'Souza and Jordan Hart at a Supercharger in Cincinnati

Jordan shared a little video of it on Instagram with the following caption:

On a late-night supercharger trip in Cincinnati, I spotted a Tesla Model 3.

It was a rare treat to witness this automobile in person after not expecting to for at least six

 Geeked out, I started filming at last, but as soon as I tried to round the front of the car, they took off.

It provides Tesla with a chance to test the car in environments other than the dry climate of California.