The Toyota Celica is renowned for being an economical high-performance vehicle.

It was also a revolutionary sports vehicle with a rallying history, but it didn't survive to tell the tale.

As a result, Timothy Adry Emmanuel, our in-house render master, has produced a 2023 Toyota GR Celica Concept

The GR Supra is too German, and the GR 86 is too bland. And the "infamous" rallying history of the Celica

The 1988 Celica All-Trac served as inspiration for the current version, according to Emmanuel.

 The 1988 model is noteworthy because it introduced America to Toyota's then-glamourous,

The 2023 GR Celica Concept is the coolest Toyota sports car resurrection we deserve thanks

 an in-house built turbo inline-4 engine, and an underlying desire to be a rally monster.