The long-wheelbase Toyota Grand Highlander has been rumoured for a while, but it now appears that spy photos

Although the Highlander already has eight seats, the new Grand Highlander is anticipated to have a larger wheelbase

The new Lexus TX will also be supported by the new platform. What, nevertheless, can we anticipate from the brand-new Highlander?

It features three rows of seats, however the third row only has 28 inches of legroom, while the front row has a roomy 42 inches.

It also offers just 16 cubic feet of room behind the third row, which is just enough for a bag or three with the seat up. T

With its added length, the new Grand Highlander should have enough room for genuine adults to sit comfortably in the rear

 Also, it suggests that the Grand Highlander may have space to accommodate those seven or eight passengers'

The new Grand Highlander prototype has reportedly been visiting Toyota's offices in Michigan, according to GM Authority.