This truck brand's entry into the all-electric market is the RAM 1500 REV, which was unveiled during a one-minute Super

This production vehicle, dubbed the Revolution BEV, was first displayed as a concept truck

Now that pictures have been made public, we have a better sense of what this new RAM electric pickup will truly look like.

Also, we have information about this EV pickup's drivetrain, interior amenities, and charging capacity.

Modern electric cars, like the GMC Hummer EV and Tesla Model S Plaid, have 0-60 MPH acceleration

rates in the 2-3 second range and are renowned for both their blazing speed and economy.

What about this Electric pickup from RAM, though? Will it follow the same path and lure customers

Although we don't have all the information yet, the RAM 1500 electric pickup truck seems to be a pretty fascinating vehicle.

There will be many recognisable pieces on both the inside and outside of the new RAM 1500 REV

other visual components are primarily based on RAM's gasoline-powered versions now in production.