Elon Musk and his private firm SpaceX sent one of his first Tesla Roadsters into orbit in February 2018

One of Elon Musk's earliest electric vehicles, strapped to the SpaceX Falcon Heavy, inspired the future

What has happened to this supercar since it was sent into orbit more than two years ago?

You can watch the position of the Roadster's orbit as it goes around the Earth, Sun, and distant planets.

Mr. Starman is buckled up inside the Tesla Roadster, but don't worry, it's not a real person or animal.

The Tesla Roadster is being "piloted" by a mannequin named Starman while it travels through space;

the first Tesla Roadsters were not equipped with autonomous driving technology either.

The Tesla Roadster does one complete circle every 557 days, but it is so small and distant from us