In 1988, Margaret Thatcher was still in charge and the Berlin Wall still divided East from West Berlin.

In the meantime, Toyota unveiled the fifth-generation Hilux in the car sector.

You may recall the 1988 Hilux with 190,000 miles on the odometer that Jeremy Clarkson attempted to discredit

 It goes without saying that the car seemed unbreakable. Toyota didn't sell 1989 models in the United States

 And how fortunate are they to have access to this storied pickup truck?

The 1989 Toyota Hilux is a vehicle about which a lot can be said.

For instance, the name is a combination of the terms "high" and "luxury," according to Toyota.

 This is undoubtedly demonstrated by the 1989 model's cosy interior, which stands in stark contrast to its strong and robust exterior.