The antithesis of Tesla in the EV industry has always been Lucid Motors.

As Lucid was founded by disgruntled former Tesla workers, it is not unexpected.

As a result, their first electric vehicle, the Air, is accurately referred to as "the Tesla S that should have been".

Earlier, the 1,050 horsepower Air Dream Edition limited-run Lucid barely avoided the Model S Plaid radar.

Once more, Lucid is returning to put Tesla in its place with the stylish new Air Sapphire

which has more than 1,200 horsepower. This is Lucid's first trimotor Air, and it has outrun its rivals and entered space!

The bizarre thing about this thug is how peaceful and polite it is.

 The Air Sapphire delivers a balanced gameplay experience because to Lucid's extensive time and effort.