Apple registered three domain names with the auto-related extensions,, and in December 2015

Since then, a lot has been made about Apple's long-awaited vehicle's impending debut.

The Apple car won't be a completely autonomous vehicle after all, according to the most current report

but that doesn't mean buyers aren't overly excited about the potential release in 2026.

Obviously, the bulk of EV lovers and technophiles are looking forward to the showdown between Tesla and Apple

This makes sense when we take into account that Elon Musk's Tesla is expected to be directly

Experts also predict that Tesla and Apple Car will pursue the same markets and demographics.

According to Reuters, Apple concentrated on creating more advanced batteries that will be more effective

A revolutionary battery architecture, which may "radically" lower battery prices and extend vehicle range

Because of Apple's design, the battery can hold more active material, possibly extending the range of the vehicle.