In the US, the first Tesla Supercharger station featuring a "Magic Dock" that enables charging

We were a little upset when it didn't materialise after Tesla opened its Supercharger network

Europe last year and said it would do the same in North America by the end of the year.

Yet we are aware that it will still happen soon. That might really occur at any time, or it may have already

We anticipated that Tesla would have a harder time launching its Supercharger network in North America

 it employs its own unique connector in the market, as opposed to Europe where it already uses the CCS connector.

Late last year, the manufacturer revealed that it still intends to provide a CCS adaptor at its charging stations

But, the move to open source its connector in an effort to make it the new North American charging standard

We have learnt that Tesla's proposed remedy will include the installation of the "Magic Dock,"

Any Tesla owner may use the station regularly when the Magic Dock is locked, but when it is unlocked using the Tesla app