Ferrari, possibly the most passionate and emotional automaker in history, has achieved success in the automotive industry

Even the most reserved drivers become frenzied puddles of delight as a result of the (typically)

scarlet-clad supercars' personalities, which yell and howl like fierce creatures intent on killing their tyres.

Regrettably, in the upcoming years, all of that could change. Benedetto Vigna, the CEO of Ferrari,

said this shift to electric vehicles is inevitable in an interview with Automotive News.

Whether they were right or wrong, some authorities eventually determined that the [global]

The Ferrari CEO reassuringly stated that they will approach electrification significantly differently

Although Tesla has had great success with its own recipe, the prancing horse will pave a new, more enjoyable

Some can claim that Tesla is fun-oriented. For screaming out loud, this is a vehicle manufacturer whose software

Tesla automobiles are less fun to drive than other cars, as Vigna points out. The majority of their customers