Nowadays, one of the most well-liked EV automakers is Tesla, and the Model S is one of Tesla's best-selling models

There are already many advantages to the Model S, and the Model S Plaid is an even more potent

Since that the 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid costs more over $125,000, many people doubt that the high price is justified.

The Tesla Model S will cost a lot of money because it is a premium vehicle.

 The starting price of the Model S is presently slightly around $97,000, according to Car & Driver.

 Nonetheless, the base Model S offers a tonne of fantastic amenities that EV buyers and Tesla enthusiasts will undoubtedly appreciate.

For instance, the Model S has a range of 412 miles, which is a substantial increase above the typical range of less expensive EVs.

Two electric motors power the Model S, and they together produce around 670 horsepower.