You may have heard the term "Tesla-stan" used to describe a Tesla owner or fan.

Drivers do, after all, have Elon Musk super fans, Tesla, automobile clubs, coffee gatherings, forums, and flags,

So what exactly does "Tesla-stan" mean, and are there any other automakers with similar fan bases?

The term "stan" is a combination of the words "super" and "fan," but that is not how it came to be.

It originates from a 2001 Eminem song about an overzealous fan, claims HowToGeek.

There are Ford-stans, Nissan-stans, and even Tesla-stans in the automotive sector.

Honestly, it doesn't end there; Jalopnik found that Elon Musk fanatic fans exist as well.

Tesla-stans are the genuine deal, if social media is to be believed. Jason Torchinsky of Jalopnik discovered firsthand