While Bronco pre-orders are delayed and the holidays distract from the Ram TRX

the off-roading rivalry between Fiat-Chrysler and Ford looks to have slowed. 

Enthusiastic Bronco enthusiasts have spent the past several months sharing spy images on fan sites 

where a set of fresh pics has came up comparing a Wildtrak Bigfoot Bronco to a pickup truck that hasn't

The new SUV dwarfs the Colorado ZR2, unlike Jeep aficionados who have mocked the Ford Bronco's size

Last week, this elevated red Jeep Wrangler and Bronco were sighted together.

The Bronco also made that Jeep seem little with its standard 35-inch tyres on the Sasquatch grade level. 

 A Bronco6G member named www86aws claims to have bought the ZR2 in these spy images