One of Tesla's most well-liked vehicles, the Model 3 Long Range, will no longer be accepting new orders in the US and Canada.

 To avoid giving consumers extremely extended delivery times, the manufacturer has embraced

There is now a rush to buy electric cars as the technology spreads and, in the near term,

gains popularity as a result of rising gas prices and the new federal EV incentive that is about to become law.

For Tesla, we recently observed that this rise in demand has led to a noticeably higher order

Due to this, numerous Tesla models were sold out in the United States as of March.

This is true even though Tesla's whole portfolio has seen significant price hikes over the past two years.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, issued a warning in May that the company would cease accepting orders

 The car manufacturer has finally acted on the advice by updating its online configurator today:

The Model 3 Long Range is now greyed out and cannot be chosen for ordering, as seen above