According to a story that should be taken with a grain of salt, Tesla is allegedly working on a Model 3

 rework dubbed "Project Highland" that will be unveiled by the end of next year.

Five years have passed since the last big revision of the Model 3.

Although it has done well and continues to do well in many markets, Model Y is catching up to it on a worldwide scale.

Beyond stating that the redesign would prioritise cost savings and that the car should enter production

Fremont factory around the third quarter of 2023, the paper doesn't go into great depth on the makeover.

On the design itself, the article merely states that it was influenced by the Model S

it makes no mention of whether it would have the yoke steering wheel, which was the largest new addition.

It's crucial to remember that we recently said that Reuters has a poor track record with its "exclusive"

anonymous source-based reporting on Tesla, with numerous recent claims proving to be false.