In June 2021, I leased a Model 3—my first Tesla. We relocated from Florida to Vermont in the spring of 2022.

On April 13, we went to the Vermont DMV office to register our Model 3.

They provided us our front and rear licence plates (Vermont law requires both), and I had our car inspected

it must transfer the title to the new state in order to complete a leased vehicle's registration.

The original certificate of title should be forwarded to Tesla's headquarters in Montpelier,

the Vermont DMV publicly demanded in a letter issued to Tesla right away. There is a deadline for finishing this procedure:

The Vermont DMV does not formally grant excuses for being late. (More to follow on that.)

 That possibility worried me, so the next day I sent a copy of the letter through email to

I phoned Tesla Finance at the end of April to see how things were going.

 Each Tesla owner is aware of how difficult it may be to call Tesla and speak to someone on the phone.