Autopilot: Tesla's advanced driver-assistance system that can help drivers with tasks like lane-keeping, adaptive cruise

Supercharger Network: Tesla's extensive network of fast charging stations that allow drivers to quickly charge their vehicles

Over-the-Air Software Updates: Tesla can update the software of its vehicles over the air, adding new features

Range: Tesla's electric vehicles have impressive range, allowing drivers to travel hundreds of miles on a single charge.

Acceleration: Tesla's electric motors deliver instant torque, resulting in impressive acceleration that rivals

Interior Technology: Tesla vehicles have large touchscreen displays that control everything from the car's

Energy Efficiency: Tesla's electric vehicles are highly energy-efficient, resulting in lower operating costs and reduced

Sustainability: Tesla is committed to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, with a goal of transitioning

Frunk: Tesla's front trunk, or "frunk," provides extra storage space in the front of the vehicle, adding convenience

Mobile App: Tesla's mobile app allows owners to control and monitor their vehicle remotely, including features