The launch of Forza Horizon 5 was eagerly anticipated. To access the newest terrains, players could not wait.

The game's upcoming new automobiles and, more concerningly, the cars that would no longer be playable

 sparked intense speculation. These conversations dominated chat rooms.

If you haven't played the Xbox game Forza Horizon, it's a wildly successful franchise that supports a subculture.

Playground Games, a British company, and Microsoft Studios collaborated to create it in 2012.

 In response to Gran Turismo on the Sony Playstation and Need for Speed on the Electronic Arts platform

 At least in terms of overall player count, the racing game Forza rapidly made a name for itself.

Returning to the gaming community, the fact that the vehicles would be gone meant that even if you purchased

Gurkha in Forza Horizon 4, it would no longer be available in your garage after installing the updated version.

Several players were shocked that Tesla had not made a comeback when Forza Horizon 5 arrived.