Toyota Stout: A Tough and Versatile Light Pickup to Challenge the Ford Maverick

Toyota Stout: In the United States, pickup trucks have continuously been the most popular vehicle, with the Ford F-Series dominating the market for many years. The success of Toyota’s famed Tacoma, along with the rising demand for SUVs and trucks as lifestyle vehicles, has cleared the way for the launch of light pickups like the Ford Maverick.

There is a compelling argument for the Toyota Stout, a light truck with a history dating back to 1964 that stopped manufacturing in 2020, to be brought back in light of this popular competition. Timothy Adry Emmanuel, a HotCars artist, has given a unique render that speculates on how the 2024 Toyota Stout would look.

Coming in 2024: The Toyota Stout Light Pickup

Toyota has suggested that they may release a new light unibody truck using their modular TNGF design, which serves as the foundation for many of their current models, coupled with the addition of compact yet potent new engines. As a consequence, the Toyota Stout may be available within the next two years.

The word “stout” has several connotations, including a dark-fermented alcoholic beverage like Guinness and the idea of being short, stocky, and powerful. The rendering shows a small pickup vehicle with distinct Toyota-style characteristics that is reminiscent of the Ford Maverick. Although it has a blockier appearance compared to the Toyota Tacoma of the previous generation, it nevertheless has many of the same features as the 2024 model.

Toyota Stout

The powerful aluminum front bumper has LED lights, and there is an intriguing and unique thin grille in the middle. The LED-framed headlights are inspired by the previous Tacoma and Toyota Hilux. The air intakes and lack of exhausts up back suggest that it is a pure EV rather than a hybrid, especially considering that the TRD Pro would typically ship with exhausts up back.

Is a New Toyota Stout on the Way?

This Toyota Stout looks formidable owing to its broad, blocky body shape and a simplistic design with massive off-roading tyres and rims from the 2024 Toyota Tacoma. This simplistic style is completed with squared-off wheel arches, a big back bumper, and rear lights inspired by the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Hilux.

The rendering depicts an extended cab and a crew cab variation. If the Toyota Stout is released, it will most likely be equipped with the entry-level 2.4-liter, 228-hp 4-cylinder engine found in the Toyota Tacoma.

Toyota Stout

TRD Pro trims, like as the one seen in this rendering, would have beefier suspension, off-road tyres, and powertrain components for handling various surfaces and grades.

In comparison, the 2023 Ford Maverick has a 2.5-liter hybrid engine with 191 horsepower. If Toyota released the Stout to market with the iForce hybrid, it would have 278 horsepower, which appears possible, giving the Stout an advantage over the Maverick, which has a peak speed of 250 hp with its optional 2-liter turbocharged engine.

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